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Bio Full

2011-05-19 17:34:04 by A321lazer

Bio Full updates today:

added house which is your respawn point.

added score which is your money.

1 new power up.

completed first dungeon.

began work on settlement part.

A real punch to the face!

2011-05-02 20:41:08 by A321lazer

Uhh wow I cant believe the old flash I made back in 2007 actually made it on Newgrounds it really was a punch to the face I also noticed the sarcastic comment and it was kinda humorous. Well if it's on it won't be on for long or will it? Well thanks newgrounds that was my 5 flash I ever made I'm on my 20th now just trying to improve my skills.


2011-05-02 17:32:49 by A321lazer

Submitted my first audio file to Newgrounds Hooray! Its a remix!

New Company: Glasz House

2011-03-29 20:23:22 by A321lazer

My New Company Glasz House designs flash based software if you would like to join message me and we'll tell you about our current project.

Block Breaxorz

2010-12-17 22:26:19 by A321lazer

FInally I have finished the block breaxorz demo soon, (Hopfully in a month or so I can get the full game done.

Mortal Stick Combat

2009-12-29 10:41:07 by A321lazer

After having my first two flash submissions rejected on Newgrounds I decided to go back and edit them and add audio and make them longer. They should be back on newgrounds in a few days.